Personally Work with Paulina

So, you’re ready to grow your home-based business online and yield real results. To do that you’ll need is to become a leader, and leaders are created with help from trusted mentors.

I’m honored to be in the running, and it’s with great pride I get to tell you I’ve built my e-commerce business on my own, just as you’re doing now. Over the years I generated enough money to cover my bills and care for my family.

In 2016, by chance, I attended my first event where I met people doing what I was doing, but better, on a bigger scale, and generating more money that gave them more time for fun.

I was quickly sold on the idea of having a life filled with time and fun. I made an investment in mentorship that day to learn from 7 and 8 figure earners.

Now, I’m passionate about working with entrepreneurs that want to learn and master online prospecting and attraction marketing. This means no bugging your friends, chasing strangers or spamming on social media to grow your business.


Here is a quick list of the type of individuals I work with:

  • Coachable business owners who are looking to use the internet to automate their business.
  • Home based business owners who want to create systems and use the internet to generate leads, make more sales and create a stronger brand.
  • Go-getter, no excuse mindset and like to have fun

If you read those qualifications and thought, “That’s me!” then click that application button below and let’s see if we are a good fit.