PaulinaPaulina Panszczyk is a branding consultant that helps entrepreneurs and home-based business owners create success by bringing their business an online presence that attracts high-quality prospects and customers using social media.

She offers a specialty in lead generation, niche marketing, social media branding, and system automation. What sets her apart from the rest: mindset. Anyone can give you the blueprints on how to build a business, but if you aren’t motivated and feeding your personal growth you won’t succeed.

With over 10 years of experience in the e-commerce world selling over 1 million dollars worth of product, Paulina found that her heart lay in digital network marketing. She has extensive knowledge in Facebook advertising, and business and personal coaching.

PaulinaShe helps clients create a thriving business, a powerful brand that supports their dreams and lifestyle.

She’s passionate about helping badass women discover and brand their unique story, business, and own brilliance!

Paulina was born in Poland and raised in Chicago. She’s a success mentor and entrepreneur that believes in family first and building a life full of experiences and travel.

PaulinaPaulina doesn’t believe in trading time for money. She instead believes in turning value and skill into profit. If it takes you 4 hour weeks to make your goal rate, then there’s no reason to sit at a desk watching cat videos and checking over your shoulder to make sure your manager isn’t around.

This mindset came about when Paulina had to support her family after her father no longer could.

She took the reins and started an eBay business to support her mother, little brother, and baby sister. She knew food needed to be put on the table and bills needed to be paid. She was 18 years old. She read every book, took every course, risked time, money and well-being to find the perfect formal. She made money but had no time.

PaulinaWhen she realized she was no longer working the job but it was working her, she took a long look at her future. Was a 9 to 5 job safer, easier, and have benefits for the family? Perhaps, but would she be living life to its fullest potential or putting a glass ceiling over her head?

She knew herself better than that. She’d already tasted the freedom of being her own boss and giving herself a life of limitations was not an option.

Soon after she discovered network marketing and learned the concept of time leveraging. She thought it was brilliant! She combined that knowledge with her e-commerce skills and started her own digital networking company where she can help others have the same taste of freedom in their business, health, and life.


There are plenty of wonderful digital network marketers out there, but none will focus will on your well-being before your numbers. Take coaching and branding that exceeds your expectations from someone who has put in the work with everything on the line.

Not to say that it will be as dramatic for you, but isn’t it best to put your business, your baby, in the hands of someone who delivers, with kindness and compassion no less.

Paulina takes the time to educate you in how and why things work the way they do. Why it’s important to invest in yourself and wellbeing before delving fully into a project. This isn’t a large corporation with 6,000 clients and 12,000 employees. It’s a determined and talented woman run company whose sole goal is to help you build your own brilliance!

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